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New Godaddy Promo Codes 2014

Find GoDaddy coupon code & GoDaddy promo codes in January 2015. A GoDaddy coupons will help save on a new domain!

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Godaddy is a very affordable web hosting service and it has millions of users worldwide. With several top quality products and affordable prices, they’re the largest domain registrar. You can easily obtain a Godaddy coupon code on the internet and buy your Go Daddy products with even cheaper prices. With a little Google search, it’s easy to find many Go Daddy coupon codes. Simply copy the code of discount coupon and paste it to promo code box during checkout process for your product on Go Daddy website (don’t forget to click “apply”).
You can find discount coupons for any service of Go Daddy. Some coupon codes are valid for some specific services, but some other coupons are valid for all services. Coupon codes may provide %20, % 10, %50 or sometimes %93 discounts! Most of these offers are for only a limited time, so you must hurry to use the code once you find it. Some coupon codes may come with some conditions like “save up to %50 when you buy 4 or more .com domain”, you can use this coupon only when you buy the required amount of product.
With a Godaddy coupon code you can buy Go Daddy products for very cheap prices and build a good quality website.

GoDaddy review
Without doubt, GoDaddy is one of the most controversial and biggest brands of the sector. You can see GoDaddy name in every single part of internet. They can even advertise in a big event like SuperBowl for 1 million dollars per second. Basic policy of GoDaddy is to sell you more than one product at a time. GoDaddy sells domains for very cheap prices but tries to sell you other products beside a domain.
GoDaddy, which is the essential choice of people who want cheap hosting service, hosts more than 30 million domains. That’s why they’re known for domains rather than hosting services. This company makes 400 millon dollars revenue in a year only by selling domains. Some people loves Godaddy but some others simply hate it. This time we’ll make a GoDaddy review about hosting services.
When it comes to hosting, GoDaddy hosting is not as successful as GoDaddy domain services. GoDaddy hosting services are suitable for people who want limited hosting. Disk space and traffic they provide is enough for much people. If you consider GoDaddy provides this limited hosting services for a very cheap price, GoDaddy may be a good choice.
GoDaddy hosting provides one click installation web softwares like Wordpress and smallest hosting package provides 10 gb. disk space and 300 gb. traffic. World’s biggest domain and hosting company GoDaddy is a good choice for the ones that want to blend in with the crowd.

GoDaddy SSL
GoDaddy SSL certificates prove your customers that you care about their safety. Especially if you plan to accept credit cards in your website, you’ll definitely need an SSL certificate.
GoDaddy SSL certificates are a simple and cheap way of protecting secret data coming to your website (like passwords and credit numbers). Customers prefer websites with SSL certificates for shopping, because of safety. Also, an SSL (HTTPS) helps you to increase your website’s Google search rating. GoDaddy’s special security team gives support about SSL certificates.
GoDaddy’s award winning SSL certificates are compatible with every kind of browsers and devices and supports unlimited servers. GoDaddy SSL supports strong SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption. Open source projects have privilege to obtain 1 year free Standard SSL certificate.

GoDaddy also provides Premium SSL certificate option. This certificate includes a very detailed security investigation process. GoDaddy investigates your domain, your company’s legal status, your address, telephone numbers and other company information. This process continues for 30 days. During these 30 days your website is protected by a Standard SSL certificate. You can choose your SSL certificate according to your website’s needs and number of your domains. Some website services need some certain kind of SSL certificates.

GoDaddy email
GoDaddy email services that are configurated and personalized with IMAP and POP3, help you to send and receive safe emails. Every email account can be personalized and GoDaddy email services include services like protection against pishing and viruses and spam filtering.
You can use your GoDaddy email account as web based email or add it to Outlook. GoDaddy web based email includes a full e-mail client with a simple and easy user interface and many other features like text post, greeting cards and message filtering.
You can use your GoDaddy email account on any mobile device like Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows phones or Blackberry phones. When you use all of your email disk space, you can apply for additional disk space. You can define different storage capacity to your every other email account. If you want more storage space for your email, you can always purchase additional disk space. You can receive thousands of emails with attachments with an upgraded email plan.
GoDaddy also provides special Workspace email plans. Workspace Personal, Business and Unlimited email plans respond different needs for companies. You can choose your email plan according to operations and size of your company.

Godaddy hosting
Godaddy is the biggest of the web hosting service industry. They provide a reliable service for 45 million domain names and this number is rising every moment.
Godaddy hosting provides one click Content Management System installation. You can install Gallery, Zencart, Wordpress, Magento, PhpBB, Joomla and Drupal from administration panel of your hosting. So you can build the website you need in just a few minutes. You can build a personal blog with Wordpress, a community website with Joomla or begin to sell products online with Magento.
Godaddy uses user friendly control panels, cPanel and Parallels Plesk. With high-performance servers of Go Daddy, your website loads very fast. Godaddy hosting comes with % 99.9 uptime guarantee and money back guarantee. All Godaddy Hosting plans include free domain (annual plan), free email addresses, 200+ free application that can directly be installed from administration panel of your hosting, 1GB storage MySQL Linux and 200 MB storage Windows SQL Databases, 24/7 technical support and 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. In Ultimate hosting plan, which is great for sites that want additional security, you can have unlimited bandwith, unlimited storage, premium dns management tool and 1 year SSL certificate for only 7.49 $per month.

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